What are the pros and cons of beekeeping?
Jul, 27 2023

Beekeeping certainly has its benefits and drawbacks. On the plus side, it allows for honey production right in your backyard, helps to pollinate local flora, and can be a rewarding hobby or business venture. However, it also comes with challenges like potential stings, time commitment, and the need for proper training to maintain hive health. Despite these hurdles, many find the benefits of beekeeping to be well worth the effort.

Why do bees go into the ground?
Jul, 23 2023

Bees are fascinating creatures and you might be surprised to learn that some species actually burrow into the ground. This behavior is exhibited by ground-nesting bees, who dig tunnels in the soil to lay their eggs and store food. They're drawn to bare, sandy or loamy, well-drained soils where they can easily excavate. It's a natural part of their life cycle and not a sign of distress. So, next time you see bees in the ground, know they're just creating a safe space for their future offspring!

Why is Maine not a good place for beekeepers?
Jul, 20 2023

As a beekeeper, you might find Maine a challenging environment. The state's long, harsh winters can be really tough on bee colonies, often leading to high mortality rates. Additionally, the late bloom of flowers in Maine due to the extended cold season can limit the availability of nectar, adversely affecting honey production. Also, the presence of various pests and diseases specific to the region can further threaten bee colonies. So, while Maine's natural beauty is undeniable, it may not be the most bee-friendly state.